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Recruit & Retain the Best Talent

Competitive Benefits at Competitive Rates

In this economy, health insurance costs can wreck the family stability of your employees and destroy your bottom line. To stay competitve you must offer top quality packages to prospective talent at an affordable rate to your organization.

Our Human Capital Strategists are trained to navigate today’s inhospitable regulatory enviroment, and connect you with award winning medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurers.

Dinsmore Steele customizes plans specifically to your company’s needs at or below market rates—easing the financial burden of insuring employees while meeting head-on the challenge of providing quality healthcare access to your workforce and their dependants.

Medical Insurance

Dinsmore Steele provides exclusive access to the top rated national medical carriers in the country. We put your objectives first, and work closely with you to devise the best strategy for containing medical costs without reducing benefits. We are partnered with the largest carriers in the world such as Aetna, United Healthcare, Oxford Health Plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Tufts Health, Humana and Emblem.

Dental & Vision

Your staff deserves access to the same top rated dental and vision carriers as Fortune 500 corporations. Our Human Capital Strategists will put together an affordable package for you, that compels high level talent to say “Yes” to your offer, and “No” to your competitor’s. Our carrier partners for dental & vision insurance are Metlife AflacDelta DentalAetnaVSP  and EyeMed

Life Insurance

Dinsmore Steele will connect you with best-in-class life insurance options, including: group, term, whole, variable and universal life insurance coverages. For owners and management, we also offer buy-sell and key man insurances to protect the business in the event of a loss or death of a partner. We employ the best in class carriers such as MetLife, AFLAC, Prudential and New York Life.

Short-term & Long-Term Disability

Our Human Capital Strategists will first assess your current and potential risk exposure, then work with you to craft an ideal solution to fit your Short-term and Long-term disability coverage needs.

Our carriers provide best in kind coverage, typically compensating based on a percentage of salary and commissions with defined maximum benefit options you can choose from. Our providers are industry leaders in short and long tern disability, MetLife, AFLAC and Colonial.

Voluntary Benefits

Dinsmore Steele provides numerous alternative benefits for our clients and their employees. Our Human Capital Strategists can customize a voluntary benefits package including: Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA), commuter benefits, as well as insurances from AFLACColonial and MetLife and more. The best part about voluntary benefits are that employers can offer them to their employees at no cost to the employer.

Workers’ Compensation

Dinsmore Steele’s objectives are aligned with yours. Our Human Capital Strategists will do whatever they can to provide the best availaible WC package, at the most affordable price. Our tailored solutions include:  turn key management of WC and risk elimination of year end audits, and “pay as you go” policies that require no front loading. Our industry leading carriers are amongst the largest in the country including TravelersChartisAIGThe Hartford and Liberty Mutual.

Find out more about our process and how we can help you grow your business. To receive quotes on WC, Voluntary Benefits, and Disability rates—click here.