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Create, Execute and Manage Your Campaigns

Email Marketing is a proven cost-effective channel to generate sales, increase customer lifetime value and acquire new customers. Personalized/permission-based e-mail is not only here to stay, it is a driving force behind the way companies communicate with prospects and customers.  Companies that are slow to integrate e-mail marketing solutions into their ongoing marketing plans stand a strong chance of losing their edge to competitors who have taken these steps. It’s important to integrate email and social media effectively.  And with mobile technology expanding, it is important to ensure your emails are capable of being delivered to the increasing number of people who view their emails on a mobile device.

We help companies who are just beginning to explore how to begin to use email as well as more seasoned companies that want to improve existing programs.  Whether you are a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer company, we can develop comprehensive email marketing strategies and enjoy the challenge of making existing programs more successful and more profitable for you.

  • Develop an strategic email plan – establish goals and objectives, determine success criteria, develop a roadmap.
  • Campaign analysis for improved response and ROI – including a plan for targeting and segmentation
  • Email service provider (ESP) evaluation and managing the RFP process to find the right vendor for you
  • Email prospecting for lead generation and conversion
  • Best Practices Development

Setup & Integration

  • Email Marketing Platform
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Implementation within your current marketing plan
  • Email Privacy and Permission
  • Online Strategies and Traffic Building

Managed Services

  • Mailing List Maintenance
  • Email Campaign Creation
  • Email Marketing Content Writing
  • Email Scheduling

Creative Services

  • Email Marketing Template Design
  • Email Marketing Layout Design
  • Email Marketing Copywriting Services
Email Marketing